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For the 2004 season Auto Technic has three team drivers, Jeff Henderson, Rob Driscoll and John Stewart. Competing with fully prepared E-36 325is race cars the team has experienced success in the highly competitive SCCA Club Racing ITS class. Often finishing in the top five, the team is excited for their second full season in ITS.

Starting out in go-karts, Jeff Henderson and Rob Driscoll worked hard to become successful racing on the .10 mile dirt track. The both changed venues from dirt to asphalt in 1994 when the machinery was upgraded from Briggs and Stratton to BMW M Power. Utilizing the experience gained in karting the adaptation to Auto Crossing was easily realized and they were immediately successful right from the start. Soon after, the pair began attending BMW CA driving schools where they both quickly moved up to the instructor level. Soon to follow was BMW Club Racing where they both drove their 88 BMW M3s in the competitive JS class. Each driver experienced class and overall wins over the two years at that level. Most recently, both drivers race 93 BMW 325is and are almost always amongst the top on the results board in the extremely tight competition of SCCA ITS racing.

This year marks the five year anniversary of their company, Auto Technic, LLC. This full service BMW specialty shop prepares vehicles for competition, services BMWs, employing three full time mechanics, and sells performance parts and used BMW vehicles from their location in Connecticut.

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Henderson sweeps Cheap Date Double at NHIS
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Henderson takes his first win at Limerock!!!
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Team AutoTechnic takes a 1-2 finish at Limerock Park!
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